Analyzing The Signatures Of Politicians To Get A Better Look At Their Personality

During an election year, power has the potential to change hands and you get to decide who is going to represent you. This can be a difficult decision, especially if you don’t agree with any candidate entirely. One thing that you can do to get to know the candidates a little bit better is analyze their signatures. This will allow you to get to know the candidates’ personality. Here are some tips for your analysis.

1. Look at the Legibility of the Last Name

The first thing that you want to do is look at the legibility of the last name. If the last name is extremely legible or slightly larger than the first name of the politician in his or her signature, then this is a sign that the politician is depending on voters recognizing his or her last name or that he or she is very proud to be in the family that has that name. If the last name is illegible or very small, then this is a sign that the candidate wants to distance him or herself from his or her last name. This could be because the last name is associated with something less favorable or because the last name belongs to politicians that have held office in the past that the candidate doesn’t necessarily want to be influenced by.

2. Look at its Legibility

The next thing that you should look at is the overall legibility of the signature. If a signature is entirely illegible, it likely means that the person who the signature belongs to is hard to read in general and will try to obfuscate his or her private life from the public eye. A politician with an illegible signature will likely not shed a lot of light into his or her family while he or she is in office. A person who has an extremely legible signature will likely not be as closed off. 

3. Look at the Slant

If a politicians signature is straight and vertical, this means that he or she has a lot of control over his or her handwriting and a lot of control in his or her life. If the handwriting is slightly slanted, then the candidate is more relaxed. If the signature is very slanted, then this could mean that the candidate is more reckless or willing to get a little bit out of control.

For more information, talk to a handwriting expert such as David Liebman.   

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have A Data Scientist Help Design Your Campaign Website

Campaign website are going to be the main way that younger generations that grew up using the Internet are going to interact with you and your ideas. In order to make sure that your website and other marketing techniques are as effective as possible, you should consider hiring a data scientist on top of your other web developers. The job of a data scientist is to collect data about your website, such as how many times people click on a link to navigate to your donation form and how many people out of that original number of people actually go through the donation process. With this information, the data scientist will be able to suggest critical changes for your website.

There are three main reasons why hiring a data scientist can help your campaign.

1. They Can Set Up Tests

Data scientists are able to talk to the web developers and set up tests to determine which version of a website is more effective.

For example, a data scientist will be able to set up two different donation pages that people can use and measure the average amount of time that each person stays on the site, whether or not the form is filled out, and the average amount of money that each person donates. One version of the site might have a three different text boxes that need to be filled out and accept PayPal. The other might have 5 different text boxes that need to be filled out. This information will be gathered for each page separately and the compared after a predetermined amount of time, such as a month. After that month is up, whichever page resulted in a greater number of donation will be the page that is used more frequently.

2. They Have Access to Past Data

In order for a data scientist to be effective, he or she needs to look at past data and past data trends. For example, if he or she reads a report by another data scientist that a picture of the person campaigning and his or her family on a donation website resulted in more donations than a stiff portrait of the person campaigning, the data scientist will be able to pass on that information. This will make your website design more effective.

3. They’re Able to Interpret the Data Correctly

Finally, data scientists specialize in interpreting data correctly and performing tests to make sure that their findings were actually significant. By having one on your team, any of the website analytics that you gather become much more valuable.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in data science.  

For more information on on political campaign consulting, do an online search. 

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Red, White And Glue: A Couple Of Patriotic Craft Ideas For Kids

Whether you’re a teacher trying to create a lesson plan for Flag Day or a parent wanting to include your kids in the Fourth of July party decorating, there are tons of fun craft ideas that can both educate and help show off your kids’ patriotic spirit. They are also a great way to start discussions about patriotism for children in a way they understand. Take a look at the two craft projects below for some particularly great ideas that won’t break the bank or take the whole day to finish.

Patriotic Tie-Dye Shirt

Sure, it can get a little messy, but that’s part of the fun! Use a few plain white t-shirts along with some red and blue tie-dye picked up from a local hobby store. To make your shirt look more like the U.S. flag, roll your shirt from left to right, to create a long cotton tube of sorts. Then wrap seven rubber bands or extra hair ties at evenly spaced intervals around the rolled shirt, remembering to leave a few inches of space near the neckline.

Set up a clean, well-covered work area with plenty of rags for cleaning, and follow the directions on the dye package as to proper dyeing procedure. To keep the red and blue sections from bleeding into each other, dye the shirt before wetting it. Then set aside the damp shirt in a plastic bag and wait four to six hours for the dye to set. With rubber gloves, remove the rubber bands and rinse with cold water. Finally, throw the shirt in the washing machine by itself and set it on a cold rinse cycle. Your new Stars and Stripes shirt will be ready before you know it!

Pipe Cleaner Fireworks

Fireworks are banned in many counties nowadays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with kids making pipe cleaner approximations. Buy a few packages of red, white and blue pipe cleaners from your local arts and crafts store, as well some glue, glitter, and a bit of paint. For each pipe cleaner firework, take four pipe cleaners and bend them in half. Join all four at their respective bends and twist together the ends to create something like an three-dimensional asterisk. Dip the pipe cleaners in paint, spread them on a piece of thick paper so that the bottom portion flattens, and sprinkle glitter on top. You can easily hang your new fireworks outside or around the house for a festive, patriotic look that everyone will love. 


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